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list of contributors

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  • Hardy-Vallee, Benoit (editor)
  • Jodouin, Isabelle
  • Murphy, Padraigin
  • Wang, Lin Katherine
  • Miller, Mark

  • Gingerich, Genna

  • Chan, Clarence
  • Dixon, Melissa
  • Janssen, Emma
  • Kaya, Pelin

  • Smialek, Filip
  • Masterson, Keenan
  • Chow, Anna
  • Lau, Victoria
  • Chi Ho Ng, Tony
  • Williams, Justin
  • Donald, Brendan
  • Garchteine, Eddie
  • Scott, Stuart James
  • Tadiosa, P. Carlo
  • Santhalingam, Hamsa
  • Nurmohamed, Aliyah
  • Yupangco, Victoria Cara
  • Pinto, Jennifer
  • Henry, Aaron
  • Pepper, Jacqueline
  • Pogue, Amanda
  • Lam, Kawai
  • Akoury, Stephanie
  • LaRocca-Cerrone, Kristina
  • Khatri, Maheen 
  • Monck-Whipp, Paige

  • Ng, Raphael

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