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Editorial Guidelines

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The goal is to create a concise but useful philosophical encyclopedia on folk-psychology, mind reading, interpretation, social cognition and other related subjects. You should contribute an entry that presents, in simple words, important concepts in the field. If you want to submit an entry:



  1. Send me a brief email with an outline of the entry you would like to write; do NOT choose an entry listed on the Encyclopedia frontpage.
  2. Once I accepted your project entry, send it  as an attached .DOC, or .RTF file to benoithv@gmail.com.
  3. The text should not be longer than 500 words. If you use a term in your entry that will appear elsewhere in the encyclopedia, CAPITALIZE it. End your entries by writing  “See also . . .” and up to 5 (capitalized) related key terms that appear elsewhere in the encyclopedia. Do not use italics, footnotes or endnotes.















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